A's Video Converter

This program is a video converter using AMD, Intel and Microsoft Encoder, and it has the following features.
  • GPU Encoding 1
  • GPU Decoding 2
  • GPU Filtering 3
  • Up to 8 files transcoding at the same time
  • Simply movie editor
  • Batch transcoding and Combine transcoding
  • Automatic transcoding using folder watching
  • Support DirectShow Video Capture and Audio Capture 4
  1. Support AMD APP, AMD Video Codec Engine (VCE) and Intel Quick Sync Video (QSV)
  2. Support DXVA, AMD UVD and Intel Hardware (Sandy Bridge or later)
  3. Support DXVA and Intel Hardware
  4. Added following features if install Bluesky Video Capture
    • Desktop Recording
    • Direct3D Game Recording
    • Loop Recording (Record up to the last 30 minutes)

System Requirements
Operating System
Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
* AMD VCE Encoder, Intel QSV Encoder and Microsoft Encoder support only Windows 8/7.
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Runtime (for x86 / for x64)
Microsoft DirectX Runtime (WindowsXP Only)
Windows Media Format 11 Runtime (WindowsXP Only)
Latest graphics driver

Freeware (Donations Welcome)


How to use
Sorry, ReadMe is a Japanese document.
Command line usage
/p<Profile Name>
/o<Output Folder Path>
/i<Input File/Folder Path>

ex: "C:\A's Video Converter\AsVideoConv.exe" "/pH.264 HD 1080p" /oD:\Video\Conv /iD:\Video\*.mpg

How to record Desktop Screen or Direct3D9/10/11 Application Screen using Bluesky Video Capture
    (How to record DirectShow Video/Audio Capture stream)


Version 5.9.2 (04/04/2014)
  • Fixed japanese language resource
Version 5.9.1 (04/03/2014)
  • Fixed resize/crop issue of DXVA preprocessor when using GPU decode
Version 5.9.0 (03/30/2014)
  • Added "Capture" button and removed "Capture" menu item in "Input" menu
  • Added support to change encoder setting and output setting on Capture Setting Form
  • Minor changes
Version 5.8.1 (03/11/2014)
  • Fixed conversion error when capturing multiple audio source
Version 5.8.0 (03/08/2014)
  • Added Loop Recording for Bluesky Video Capture, it can record up to the last 30 minutes (max)
  • Reduced CPU usage when converting video stream from Bluesky Video Capture using AMD VCE H.264 Encoder
  • Fixed conversion failure issue of AMD VCE H.264 Encoder when convert video stream from Bluesky Video Capture with Full Screen Direct3D Capture Mode
  • Default output filename changed from "Capture" to DirectShow Capture Filter's name (or Target Window Title if use Bluesky Video Capture)
  • Changed "Other" to "Recording Mode" on Capture Setting Form
  • Removed "Move to Waite state" setting on Capture Setting Form
  • Added "/icap" for command line option (add capture source and press covert button)
  • Added support to stop transcode for each process
  • Fixed conversion error when using Intel QSV H.264 Encoder x64
  • Fixed issue when using DXVA Preprocessor
  • Changed "Enable frame rate conversion" to "Double Framerate" on DXVA Preprocessor Setting Form
  • Minor changes and fixes
Version 5.7.1 (12/29/2013)
  • Resolved virus alert on some anti virus software


Version 5.7.0 (12/23/2013)
  • Added support for mp4 output over 4GBytes when using AMD VCE H.264 Encoder, Intel QSV H.264 Encoder or Microsoft H.264 Encoder under Windows7
  • Added support to set Display Aspect Ratio for AMD VCE H.264 Encoder, Intel QSV H.264 Encoder and icrosoft H.264 Encoder
  • Removed "Quality" setting of AMD VCE H.264 Encoder, Intel QSV H.264 Encoder and Microsoft H.264 Encoder(Windows8)
  • Added the following settings for AMD VCE H.264 Encoder
    • Low Latency Mode
    • Maximum QP
    • Minimum QP
    • FrameType QP
    • Max Reference Frames
  • Added "High Profile" in "Profile" setting for AMD VCE H.264 Encoder
  • Fixed conversion failed when you set PAR of AMD VCE H.264 Encoder
  • Added "Low Latency Mode" setting for Intel QSV H.264 Encoder
  • Changed "Encode Mode" to "Low Latency Mode"
  • Changed "ATI Encoder" to "AMD Encoder"
  • Added "GPU Profile" (Speed/Balanced/Quality) setting for AMD Encoder
  • Added "MSAPI", "Hybrid" and "VCE" in "GPU Encode" setting for AMD Encoder
  • Added "MPEG2 (BDMV)" and "H.264 (BDMV)" in "Format" setting for AMD Encoder
  • Changed "VBR" to "CBR" in "Rate Control" of AMD Encoder
  • Changed "No pre-processing" to "Noise Reduction"
  • Added support to select DirectShow Capture Filter as input source
  • Added support for Bluesky Video Capture
  • Changed "Transcode" to "Setting" and "Setting" to "Transcode Setting" in Setting Menu
  • Deleted "Output Setting" button and Added "Output Setting" in Setting Menu
  • Minor changes and fixes

64bit Version
AsVideoConv64_5.9.2_Setup (w/ installer)   AsVideoConv64_5.9.2 (w/o installer)
32bit Version
AsVideoConv32_5.9.2_Setup (w/ installer)   AsVideoConv32_5.9.2 (w/o installer)
With Bluesky Video Capture
AsVideoConv64_5.9.2_BVC_Setup (64bit Version)   AsVideoConv32_5.9.2_BVC_Setup (32bit Version)

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